The Halovision EOG-RF consists of:

  • Raspberry Pi and cover
  • NoIR camera and cover
  • Extended flex cable
  • SD card
  • 48 IR LED and adapter
  • LAN cable
  • 2 Scorpi flex Mounts
  • Camlot cover
  • 2 Halo Headbands


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Includes shipping and handling. This version is intended only for hardcore users, as the headband may prove a challenge to wear for the casual user. For the latter, the EOG-RA is recommended, it is also significantly more affordable.

Sleep Lab
Requires a Windows machine with a LAN port and WiFi connection running Lucid Scribe and the Halovision plugin within arms reach of where you sleep. For other platforms or the standalone version please see the orders page.

You are also welcome to acquire the parts yourself, sow the headbands together and write the firmware from the Halographs page to the SD card. Please make sure that your machine runs Lucid Scribe before purchasing.