Lightened Dream works with Wine. To get it running on your Mac should only take a few minutes and requires no advanced knowledge.

First, download Lightened Dream for Mac.

Then download and install Quartz and Wine.

Then open a terminal – press ⌘ (cmd) + Space, then type “terminal”. Or in Finder under Programs -> Utilities -> Terminal.
In the terminal type:

cd downloads [Enter]
wine msiexec /i LightenedDream.Mac.3.4.2.msi [Enter]

This should start the installer and will automatically download and install Mono and Gecko. Then in the Lightened Dream installer, keep hitting next until it is complete. When the installer completes Lightened Dream can be started from the terminal at any time by entering:

wine "C:\Program Files\lucidcode\Lightened Dream\Lightened Dream.exe" [Enter]