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Added support for the halovision headband (Halograph EOG). The one we have all been waiting for.

It should still work with ordinary webcams, so give it a spin now to see the magic in action:

Introducing release candidate one. Camera up and filming the real world:

Camera down…

… deep down, recording eye movements:

Non-invasive, light-weight and as comfortable as it gets.

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Halovision 0.9.2

Updated the camera drop-down list and tweaked the REM detection algorithm.

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It turns out Tre was onto something and Lucid Scribe works with the MyndPlay BrainBand out of the box.

Thanks to Leandro for getting it connected! Now we just need to figure out how to connect the grounding electrode more comfortably… maybe break the clip and use duct tape to keep it connected to the earlobe for extended periods?

Lightened Dream 3.3.7

Fixed the image search.

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Ping 1.0.0

A new plugin that logs and graphs ping time.

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Added the raw / Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) channels. They might need to be disabled on slower machines.

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Fixed the data path to the blink and jaw clench channels.

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Added channels for blink and jaw clench. Removed the device name from the MuseIO command line:
“muse-io –preset 14 –osc osc.tcp://localhost:5000″

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Lucid Scribe 1.4.8

Added Tools -> Options -> Trigger Delay, which configures the delay, in minutes, that has to pass before the audio track or the plug-outs will be triggered after a plugin has detected eye movements or REM.


Included the source code and referenced the latest version of the interface. Muse recordings can be replayed with this command line:
“muse-player -f muselab_recording.muse -s osc.tcp://localhost:5000”

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