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Made the splash screen distribute the dream count over multiple years and sped up the saving and re-categorization of dreams.

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Human Interface Layer

I received an even more mysterious device that does input (and output?) via audio cables… still have to summon the courage to give it a test run!

Tweaked the IR LED REM algorithm.

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Added a generic way for any plugin to trigger the plugouts.

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Added a new channel: IR LED REM, for one of Rob’s custom mods that adds a photoresistor and an IR LED to the LightStone. It is disabled by default.

Launched Muse-IO automatically with “–preset 14 –device Muse –osc osc.tcp://localhost:5000″.

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Lucid Scribe 1.4.1

Added an option to export to EDF (European Data Format)… still needs some work, like a progress bar and lots of testing, but the core of it is finally there!

A new plugout that triggers anything wired into a Yocto PowerRelay.

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Lucid Scribe 1.4.0

Plug-outs: added a new interface to turn on or send output to different hardware devices. Audio is still the default and included with Lucid Scribe.

A new plugin that monitors the EEG and accelerometer data from the InteraXon Muse on port 5000.


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