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Ping 1.0.0

A new plugin that logs and graphs ping time.

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Added the raw / Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) channels. They might need to be disabled on slower machines.

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Fixed the data path to the blink and jaw clench channels.

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Added channels for blink and jaw clench. Removed the device name from the MuseIO command line:
“muse-io –preset 14 –osc osc.tcp://localhost:5000″

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Lucid Scribe 1.4.8

Added Tools -> Options -> Trigger Delay, which configures the delay, in minutes, that has to pass before the audio track or the plug-outs will be triggered after a plugin has detected eye movements or REM.


Included the source code and referenced the latest version of the interface. Muse recordings can be replayed with this command line:
“muse-player -f muselab_recording.muse -s osc.tcp://localhost:5000”

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OpenEEG 1.0.1

Made the threshold configurable.

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Pranayama 1.0.6

Added settings panel.

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Updated the interface to allow plugins to be re-configured from within the Plugin view while Lucid Scribe is running.


Pranayama 1.0.5

Added heart breath exercise – 7:7.

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