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[Michael] has been working on projects involving lucid dreaming for a long time. The recurring problem with most projects of this nature, though, is that they often rely on some sort of headgear or other wearable which can be cumbersome to actually sleep with. He seems to have made some headway on that problem by replacing some of the offending equipment with a small camera that can detect eye movements just as well as other methods.

The idea behind projects like this is that a piece of hardware detects when the user is in REM sleep, and activates some cue which alerts the sleeper to the fact that they’re dreaming (without waking them up). Then, the sleeper can take control of the dream. The new device uses a small camera that dangles in front of an eye, which is close enough to monitor the eye’s movement. It measures the amount of change between each frame, logs the movements throughout the night and plays audio tracks or triggers other hardware when eye movements are detected.

[Michael] is looking for volunteers to provide sleep logs and run tests, so if you’re interested then check out the project!

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Human Interface Layer

I received an even more mysterious device that does input (and output?) via audio cables… still have to summon the courage to give it a test run!

Optical mouse hack

I was classified as an alien of extraordinary ability. For science! In the field of mobile biometric identification.

It took the better part of the year to gather the courage and send in the petition that consisted of a table of contents, form I-129, a support letter, my resume, 8 reference letters, 6 certifications and 3 media references.

Alien of Extraordinary Ability (O-1A)

Since my work has not yet been recognized by the Nobel committee, I went with the following three criteria:

  • Original scientific, scholarly, or business-related contributions of major significance in the field
  • Employment in a critical or essential capacity for organizations and establishments, that have a distinguished reputation
  • A high remuneration for services as evidenced by contracts

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Michael blogged about his project with OpenEEG from Olimex, he made dreams recorder and he is able to communicate inside his dreams with morse code and record his blinks for further data analysis when wake up. How cool is this?

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I ran into the following error while traversing certain user’s security groups in Active Directory:

System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.NoMatchingPrincipalException: An error occurred while enumerating the groups. The group could not be found.

The error was thrown when calling GetAuthorizationGroups() on line 3:

PrincipalContext adServer = new PrincipalContext(ContextType.Domain, CasRolesConfig.ADServer);
UserPrincipal adUser = UserPrincipal.FindByIdentity(adServer, samAccountName );
PrincipalSearchResult<Principal> adAuthGroups = adUser.GetAuthorizationGroups();
foreach (Principal adAuthGroup in adAuthGroups)
    string groupName = adAuthGroup.Name;
    // [...]

The error occurs when the group or child group contains a ForeignSecurityPrincipal. Microsoft has confirmed it as an issue and a bug has been raised internally.

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I wrote an article on how to call native code on Android from JavaScript in Sencha Touch through PhoneGap over at the new Behavioural Technology Blog, where I will be documenting the development of a mobile sensing framework.