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Halovision 1.0.5

Added facial detection so that it only looks for movements within a region where a face was detected.

The file haarcascade.xml can be replaced with one of these or a custom cascade classifier for better performance.

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The latest version of the Halovision device; code-named INSPEC. A standalone infrared camera with a processor powerful enough to run the latest machine vision algorithms that flash LEDs when eye-movement patterns are detected after a long enough still phase. The camera case is 3D printed and installed on a flexible tripod to get a good angle. It records GIFs along with BMP stills that can be viewed the next morning via micro-USB cable.

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Hypnodyne ZMax 1.0.0

Rolled a new Lucid Scribe plugin that monitors and records the EEG data from the Hypnodyne ZMax and triggers audio tracks when electrical activity from the eye muscles is detected during REM sleep.


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I have been getting better results with a different night-vision camera with built-in infrared lights and zoom:

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Finally have the standalone version ready for some test runs on my beautiful wife!

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Halovision 1.0.4

Weeded out some more false negatives – if there is a large movement, it waits 10 seconds before counting eye movements again.

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Halovision 1.0.3

Tweaked the algorithm to weed out some more false negatives.

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Halovision 1.0.2

Improved the algorithm… it was missing REM episodes where the eye movements stopped for more than 5 seconds before the stairway to heaven was reached.
Episodes like in the following minute, where there is a 10 second break in eye movements around the 30 second mark, will now keep counting and trigger the audio tracks:

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Halovision 1.0.1

Ensured that the video feed is always top-most.

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