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Lucid Scribe App 1.1.6

Added a wake-back-to-bed function that schedules audio tracks.


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Added reality checks.


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Added some usage graphs and increased the FILD timeout to one minute to give the hypnagogic hallucinations time to mature.


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I dusted off the mobile version of Lucid Scribe. Added some mindfulness exercises and a finger-induced lucid dream (FILD) exercise where you gently tap on the screen to reset a countdown timer and it vibrates and plays a piano track if you drift off during FILD. And keeps track of progress and stuff! I might upload it to the stores after some testing…

Some more instructions:

Wake up in the middle of the night and then go back to bed. When you are tired and about to drift off again, launch the app and then place your fingers on the screen and pretend that you are playing piano or typing on a keyboard. The trick is to move your fingers as gently as possible to reset the countdown until the audio track is played.

Every few minutes, especially when you hear the audio track play, perform a reality check: try to push your index finger through the phone or use your other hand to pinch your nose closed and try to breathe through it.


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