Category: InteraXon Muse EEG

Added the raw / Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) channels. They might need to be disabled on slower machines.

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Fixed the data path to the blink and jaw clench channels.

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Added channels for blink and jaw clench. Removed the device name from the MuseIO command line:
“muse-io –preset 14 –osc osc.tcp://localhost:5000″

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Included the source code and referenced the latest version of the interface. Muse recordings can be replayed with this command line:
“muse-player -f muselab_recording.muse -s osc.tcp://localhost:5000”

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Launched Muse-IO automatically with “–preset 14 –device Muse –osc osc.tcp://localhost:5000”.

A new plugin that monitors the EEG and accelerometer data from the InteraXon Muse on port 5000.