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Deepaks a real punch

Lucid Dream Art

The latest Lucid Scribe plugin for use with the Wild Divine Lightstone is now available thanks to Michael.

This will give my project more flexibility due to the lower threshold now offered, without having to modify the hardware or increase the LED light output to otherwise gain the extra reflected sensitivity.

 Lucid Scribe screenshot of waking closed eye-movement via the new plugin Screenshot of Lucid Scribe showing waking closed eye-movement via the new plugin

This doesn’t make the previous version of the plugin redundant however.

On the contrary, this now gives me the extra option of tailoring the sensor design further should I wish to, including the idea of maybe swapping the photoresistor for a suitable photodiode instead.

The latest Lightstone IOM v0.9.9 plugin is now available from Lucidcode here.

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LightStone IOM 0.9.9

Lowered the threshold on the IR LED REM channel from 196 down to 156.

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Lucid Dream Art

This follows on from my previous post about the Wild Divine Lightstone where I have included more detail about the sensors themselves in relation to my DreamJacker mask project.

Photosensor mounted in mask Lightstone photo sensor mounted in mask

I have now also utilised a suitable IR led from an old remote control to act as the transmitter in order to reflect the light off my closed eyelid and back on to the photoresistor. This signal is then fed to the Lightstone interface which acts as an analogue to digital converter with hardware connection to my computer via a short usb cable.

Lucidcode do already have a suitable plugin to monitor the heartbeat and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) by using the standard finger electrodes originally supplied with the Lightstone, including software intended for the later IOM versions.

Lucid Scribe heart trace screenshot using Lightstone electrodes Lucid Scribe screenshot showing heartbeat via Lightstone electrodes

However Michael kindly updated the plugin by adding the…

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LightStone IOM 0.9.8

Tweaked the IR LED REM algorithm.

Added a new channel: IR LED REM, for one of Rob’s custom mods that adds a photoresistor and an IR LED to the LightStone. It is disabled by default.

Included the source code.

LightStone IOM 0.9.5

Added HRV (heart rate variance) and HRV2 lines. HRV shows the average difference in the interval between heartbeats over the last minute and HRV2 shows the difference between the last two heartbeats. Removed the BPM10 line.
Added BPM and BPM10 lines. BPM counts how often the IOM Heart line is above 100 in a minute. BPM10 only counts the last 10 seconds and multiplies by 6.
A small change to make it work without requiring administrative privileges. There might still be issues when running on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Added the reference to UsbLib back in and renamed skin resistance to IOM GSR.