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Added an option to the advanced settings to call the “Lucid Scribe Trigger” task in Tasker (free trial). Simply add a new task called “Lucid Scribe Trigger” and it will be played instead of the audio track. Make sure that “Allow External Access” is checked under Preferences / Misc in Tasker.

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Lucid Scribe now runs on Android and the first plugin is available on Google Play! It measures the amount of change between each frame from the camera. And can be configured to play audio tracks when any motion is detected or when rapid eye movement patterns are detected during a dream: electrooculography (EOG). The idea is to place the phone on a nightstand with the camera facing the bed, then lie on your side facing the nightstand.

Halovision Android

The REM detection algorithm is experimental and is currently being investigated over at the Dream View’s Research forum using the desktop webcam version. It will clearly only work during an afternoon nap or with a night-light on. It can be tested by blinking six times in a row, with two seconds between each blink, facing a mirror if you don’t have a forward-facing camera on your phone.

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