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Deepaks a real punch

LightStone IOM 0.9.9

Lowered the threshold on the IR LED REM channel from 196 down to 156.

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LightStone IOM 0.9.8

Tweaked the IR LED REM algorithm.

Added a new channel: IR LED REM, for one of Rob’s custom mods that adds a photoresistor and an IR LED to the LightStone. It is disabled by default.

Included the source code.

LightStone IOM 0.9.5

Added HRV (heart rate variance) and HRV2 lines. HRV shows the average difference in the interval between heartbeats over the last minute and HRV2 shows the difference between the last two heartbeats. Removed the BPM10 line.
Added BPM and BPM10 lines. BPM counts how often the IOM Heart line is above 100 in a minute. BPM10 only counts the last 10 seconds and multiplies by 6.
A small change to make it work without requiring administrative privileges. There might still be issues when running on 64-bit versions of Windows.

Added the reference to UsbLib back in and renamed skin resistance to IOM GSR.