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Mattel Mindflex 0.9.4

Added Mindflex prefix to the channels so they can be identified when running in parallel with other plugins.

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Removed diagnostic messages.

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Richard “fixed the start-of-packet detection and straightened out the indexing in serialPort_DataReceived“.

The serial driver (or the mindflex, or something…) is stopping the flow of data after a few seconds of operation so I can only test a few seconds at a time until I’ve cleared that up. Disabling/enabling the com port in device manager fixes it up temporarily, which to me indicates a driver issue, rather than a problem caused by anything the mindflex is doing.

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Mattel Mindflex 0.9.1

Reset the index after reading 36 bytes.

First draft of a plugin for modded Mattel Mindflex headsets that have been connected via USB.