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Divided the Theta channel by one thousand – instead of two hundred, as it was still maxing out.
Divided the Theta channel by two hundred – instead of one hundred, as it was maxing out for some user. Thanks to Cystasy from Neurodream for finding the problem.
Added a “Blink Click” channel that clicks the mouse button when a blink is detected. It is disabled by default and can be enabled under the Plugins menu.
Added the source code for the port form.
Removed superfluous letters from the COM port again.
Removed superfluous letters from the COM port, e.g.: COM3i and COM4i will now be COM3 and COM4.
After a few nights of recording brainwaves from the MindWave and some advice from a cognitive scientist, I updated the plugin to also monitor the raw EEG data. I disabled the alpha, beta, delta, gamma and theta graphs by default, but they can be enabled from the plugin menu. I also added a first draft of the REM-detection algorithm – the audio track should now play after six blinks. And I renamed the plugin to ThinkGear EEG, as this covers both the MindSet, MindWave and ThinkGear compatible devices.
NeuroSky was kind enough to send me a MindWave EEG headset. And they are making Lucid Scribe available from their store! So I was finally able to test the plugin and added a screen to select the correct COM port and smoothed out the alpha, beta, delta and gamma brainwaves. And I renamed the plugin to MindWave.

A new Lucid Scribe plugin that monitors the EEG data from the NeuroSky MindSet.