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OpenEEG 1.0.1

Made the threshold configurable.

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OpenEEG 1.0.0

Added a configuration option for the blink interval, in milliseonds, of the eye-movement-detection algorithm.

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OpenEEG 0.9.9

Added a new channel, OpenEEG RAW, that implements the Illuminated Interface and averaged out the OpenEEG channel.

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OpenEEG 0.9.7

Added trigger algorithms and charted the eye movement count before the audio track threshold is reached.

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OpenEEG 0.9.6

Made the amount of channels configurable and fixed the averaging in the main channel.

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OpenEEG 0.9.5

Added refresh context menu to the port selection form.

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A video made by a follower with an epic track showing the OpenEEG plugin.



Michael blogged about his project with OpenEEG from Olimex, he made dreams recorder and he is able to communicate inside his dreams with morse code and record his blinks for further data analysis when wake up. How cool is this?

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OpenEEG 0.9.4

Added the first draft of the REM-detection algorithm.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen [Michael]’s adventures in electronics and lucid dreaming. With commercial EEG hardware, [Michael] is able to communicate from inside his dreams with Morse code and record his rhythmic blinking for data analysis when he wakes up. His project is called Lucid Scribe, and now it’s open to just about everyone – including brain experimenters with OpenEEG hardware.

OpenEEG is a project that aims to reduce the cost of EEG hardware by providing the hardware, electrodes, software, and documentation to build your own EEG headset. It’s a great tool in the field of biofeedback, but [Michael] is going one step further; he’s busy writing an algorithm that will detect REM sleep and play an audio track while he’s in a dream state to trigger a lucid dream.

[Michael] points out that anyone with OpenEEG hardware including the DIY Olmex board can contribute to his…

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