Category: Lightened Dream

Added extra error handling to categories and dream sign builder.

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Added support for category entries with multiple words. Fixed a bug where renamed category entries weren’t removed.

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Added Tools -> Data Directory menu option, where the data directory can be changed. The default is \Documents\lucidcode\Lightened Dream\ and if it is changed, it creates a file named LightenedDreamDirectory.ld3 under \Documents\lucidcode\ which points to the custom path. And fixed the image search.

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Saved the file path instead of the contents when saving MP3s in REM Cycles as this was causing memory issues with large files. Fixed Merlin’s flying. Added an install option for Windows Media Player.

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Lightened Dream 3.2.4

Fixed a bug when saving categories linked to a dream with special characters in the title.

Lightened Dream 3.2.3

Fixed a bug when expanding categories linked to a dream with special characters in the title.

Fixed a bug that was caused by special characters in a dream’s title. And uploaded the source code.

You don’t have to be a coder in order to contribute; a lot of the content is in human readable files that you can edit by hand for those who will be in search of lucidity after us: edit application files.

Added FIELD Inducer (Finger Induced Electronic Lucid Dream) under the Tools menu. If you click and hold down the induce button, the audio track will play when you let go. The idea is to catch yourself when you fall asleep – in a dream, but awake.