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Added option to export dreams to file.

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Added full-screen mode.

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Added the trans-consciousness messaging protocol to the Halovision plugin to test parts of the REM-detection algorithm with background motion. An EEG device is no longer required to type by blinking in Morse code patterns. Any old webcam will do the trick and can be used as a keyboard on which you type just by blinking at it in Morse code patters:

conscious et

The haarcascade classifier should be selected and once the TCMP box is checked, any movement above 300 (or the Dot Threshold) counts as a dot, and any movement above 600 (or the Dash Threshold) is considered a dash.

Just takes a bit of practice and stillness:

Might be fun to make an HID (Human Interface Device) keyboard driver next…

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Updated the firmware with the pixel diff part of the halovision algorithm running fast as lightning in C. My trusty lab partner helping with a quick calibration test.


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Added an option to normalize values

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Updated the spell checker.

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Halovision 1.1.3

Set the default idle tick configuration to 8.

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Halovision 1.1.2

Added a config option for the amount of idle ticks that need to pass before a new eye movement is counted and saved changed frames to jpg instead of png when the Record Video checkbox is checked.

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Lucid Scribe 1.5.7

Added support for plugins with JPG EOG video data and included axes in featured LSDBase minutes.


Lucid Scribe 1.5.6

Fixed a bug with the working directory when opening from LSD files.