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Halovision 1.0.1

Ensured that the video feed is always top-most.

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Updated lucidity exercises.

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Added a guided hypnosis designed to induce lucidity.

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Removed the agent references.

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Halovision 1.0.0

Added an option for halovision devices where the headband used to be listed and the webcams / built-in cameras are listed.

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Lucid Scribe 1.5.2

Fixed a glitch when exporting multiple hours of EOG video data to the LSD format.


Halovision 0.9.9

Made the stairway to heaven shorter again, the REM detection should be almost perfect now.

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Lucid Scribe 1.5.1

Added an option to export the video data from recordings with eye movements. It is off by default and the image files that will be exported can be seen if you right-click on an hour file and select “Open File Location”. There is a simple folder structure (/Hour/Minute/) that contains all the images that will be exported, and they can be pruned before export.

The LSD files can exceed 100 MB, especially if multiple hours are exported.

This also enables researchers to review sleep logs downloaded from the online database that are recorded in parallel with any of the other channels like EEG.

Ninja update: there is now also a “Save As GIF” option on the video player in the minute view.


Halovision 0.9.8

Made the stairway longer to climb, but faster. This makes it more likely to trigger on rapid eye movements and less likely to trigger when settling down for the night. And added an extra filter to discard small movements that are within a second of large movements, as the ignore filter was sometimes being bypassed by small movements in the wake of large movements.

EOF REM Detection Algorithm

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Lucid Dream Art

Michael of Lucid Code has refined his own REM detection system project known as Halovision which is great news for us interested in sleep and dream research.

Halograph dream headband with camera

The device measures subtle electrooculography (EOG) muscle changes by means of a small 5 megapixel camera over the eye which records your eyelid movements digitally frame by frame via your associated computer device.

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