A new Lucid Scribe plugin that measures the amount of change between each frame from a webcam stream. And plays audio tracks when rapid eye movement patterns are detected. The REM-detection algorithm is still under development and investigation, but it should trigger under the default settings after blinking a few times in a row, with around two seconds between each blink. The blinks should make the graph jump to 1000 and be below 500 between blinks.


I need some log files to perfect the REM-detection algorithm – if you happen to awaken from a dream and can see a distinct pattern in the logs just before you woke up, please send me the LSD file or upload it to the Lucid Scribe Database project. No images are ever saved and Lucid Scribe Data files are human-readable.

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  • Algorithm: Motion Detector triggers the audio track whenever the frame threshold is reached. REM Detecotor triggers the audio track whenever a blinking pattern is detected (experimental).
  • Frame Threshold: amount of pixels that must change for the algorithms to detect a change.
  • Pixel Threshold: amount that a single pixel must have changed between frames to be detected.
  • Pixels in a Row: amount of neighboring pixels that have to reach the pixel threshold to be detected.
  • Amplification: value that each changed pixel contributes to the frame threshold.