Category: Lucid Scribe

Lucid Scribe 1.4.7

Updated the interface to allow plugins to be re-configured from within the Plugin view while Lucid Scribe is running.


Lucid Scribe 1.4.6

Added Tools -> Options -> Time Between Triggers, which configures the minimum amount of time, in minutes, that has to pass before the next audio track or the plug-outs will be triggered again.


Lucid Scribe 1.4.5

Ensured that the current view starts off maximized.

steeph pointed out that Lucid Scribe could use some documentation… and went ahead and started an etherpad: Lucid Scribe Documentation. Feel free to join in… your efforts will be greatly appreciated!

Lucid Scribe 1.4.4

Replaced an obscure error message with a note that Windows Media player is required, added a “Maximize Values” option to the context menu of the minute view along with a “Split Stages” option to split stage data into Awake, REM, Light, Deep and Sleep, and flipped the icons for plug-outs.


Lucid Scribe 1.4.3

Added a time column for single-hour CSV exports.

Lucid Scribe 1.4.2

Added a generic way for any plugin to trigger the plugouts.

Lucid Scribe 1.4.1

Added an option to export to EDF (European Data Format)… still needs some work, like a progress bar and lots of testing, but the core of it is finally there!

Lucid Scribe 1.4.0

Plug-outs: added a new interface to turn on or send output to different hardware devices. Audio is still the default and included with Lucid Scribe.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.9

Reverted the change from version 1.3.7 so that the minute view zooms in when the peaks are very subtle. Will make it configurable in the next version.