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Bill Murphy, the Science Correspondent of the Lucid Dreaming Experience magazine and a long time user, who some of you may know as the Lead Scientist from shows on the SyFy and Discovery channel, has been working on a device based on NeuroSky’s ThinkGear AM chipset that plugs right into Lucid Scribe.

Inspired by Tom’s mod on LSDBase, Bill hopes to open up a wide range of experiments for those interested in performing personal dream research and contributing to the search for lucidity. And I hope to gain access to a fountain of research data to feed into a new research platform.

I want to believe that the logo pays homage to my allusions to lightbending.


Lucid Scribe 1.3.4

Fixed the minute view when displaying channels with different amounts of data points.


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Lucid Scribe 1.3.3

Separated the display function from the save function so they each run on their own thread and performance is optimized for real-time processing.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.2

Made the current view a little faster and enabled the minute view to load sessions recorded with illuminated plugins.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.1

Created a new interface, the Illuminated interface, that allows plugins to run on a separate thread for close to real-time data visualization and storage. There is still some work left to do and the minute view won’t load if there is too much data – I will have to add a scroll-bar at some point…

Lucid Scribe 1.3.0

Fixed a bug when playing custom tracks.

Lucid Scribe 1.2.9

Fixed the default overclocking so that the sampling runs at normal speed by default.

Lucid Scribe 1.2.8

Squashed a bug that ate the 59th minute of each hour from the logs.

Lucid Scribe 1.2.7

Added “Copy With Axes” option when right-clicking on a graph and fixed the copy to clipboard function on the minute graph. Pro tip for those not in the know yet: right-click on a log in the tree view and select export.

Lucid Scribe 1.2.6

Fixed the Export to LSDBase screen.