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Lucid Scribe 1.4.2

Added a generic way for any plugin to trigger the plugouts.

Lucid Scribe 1.4.1

Added an option to export to EDF (European Data Format)… still needs some work, like a progress bar and lots of testing, but the core of it is finally there!

Lucid Scribe 1.4.0

Plug-outs: added a new interface to turn on or send output to different hardware devices. Audio is still the default and included with Lucid Scribe.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.9

Reverted the change from version 1.3.7 so that the minute view zooms in when the peaks are very subtle. Will make it configurable in the next version.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.8

Made the audio tracks trigger when the Zeo plugin enters stage 2 (REM).

Lucid Scribe 1.3.7

Scaled the axis on the minute view to 1000.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.6

Fixed the method of saving data for the hour view.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.5

Added visualization of the TCMP letters as they are typed.
Bill Murphy, the Science Correspondent of the Lucid Dreaming Experience magazine and a long time user, who some of you may know as the Lead Scientist from shows on the SyFy and Discovery channel, has been working on a device based on NeuroSky’s ThinkGear AM chipset that plugs right into Lucid Scribe.

Inspired by Tom’s mod on LSDBase, Bill hopes to open up a wide range of experiments for those interested in performing personal dream research and contributing to the search for lucidity. And I hope to gain access to a fountain of research data to feed into a new research platform.

I want to believe that the logo pays homage to my allusions to lightbending.

Lucid Scribe 1.3.4

Fixed the minute view when displaying channels with different amounts of data points.


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