A biofeedback signal recorder and research tool designed to detect eye movements during sleep.
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Download or develop plugins for various biofeedback and lucid dreaming devices.

Monitors your machine’s CPU performance. Included.
Monitors the video stream from any webcam or IP camera and the INSPEC – a night-vision camera the size of a matchbox, and measures the amount of change between each video frame. Plays plays audio tracks when rapid eye movement patterns are detected.
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Halograph FM
Monitors the output from the halograph FM – a headband with a motion detector that is sensitive enough to pick up the heartbeat. The plugin plays an audio track and cycles through the playlist during REM sleep.
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NeuroSky ThinkGear EEG
Monitors the EEG data from NeuroSky ThinkGear EEG compatible devices like the MindSet, MindWave amd the MyndPlay BrainBandXL. Requires the NeuroSky ThinkGear Connector… some setup instructions that may help: ThinkGear EEG 0.9.6 or these: ThinkGear EEG 1.0.9.
– raw EEG, attention, meditation
– alpha, beta, delta, gamma, theta
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Monitors the EEG data from devices compatible with the BrainFlow library, including OpenBCI, NeuroMD, G.TEC, Neurosity, OYMotion, FreeEEG32, Muse, Ant Neuro, Enophone, and BrainAlive devices.
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Hypnodyne ZMax
Monitors the EEG data from the Hypnodyne ZMax and triggers audio tracks when electrical activity from the eye muscles is detected during REM sleep.
– X, Y, Z
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Mouse FIELD (Finger Induced Electronic Lucid Dream)
Monitors the mouse activity and plays an audio track when the mouse button is released. The idea is to catch yourself when you fall asleep ā€“ in a dream, but awake. Another channel detects eye movements from the infrared LED sensors operated out of mice.
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Monitors the EEG data from devices compatible with the OpenEEG project like the Olimex EEG SMT and the halograph EEG.
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Measures and graphs the keyboard’s words per minute.
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Monitors the volume of the default microphone.
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Outlines breathing patterns that can be followed by keeping the lungs filled at the level of the graph. The line shows the level at which the lungs should be filled and how long the breath should be retained. The first exercise is to inhale for 8 seconds, hold for 32 and exhale for 16 (a ratio of 1:4:2).
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Wild Divine LightStone / IOM
Monitors the heartbeat, skin conductivity (galvanic skin resistance) and heart rate variability from the Wild Divine LightStone / IOM.
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Monitors a mixture of muscle, skin and nerve activity including sympathetic and parasympathetic components that can be summarized as biopotentials from the OCZ / BCInet NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator).
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TI Chronos EZ430
Monitors the XYZ output from the Texas Instruments EZ430 Chronos. Includes source code.
Pro tip: to change the default transmission timeout (of 3600s) you need to change sRFsmpl.timeout (and SIMPLICITI_TIMEOUT):
Use the Code Composer (included with the chronos) to edit one line of code in rfsimpliciti.c, then build it for the frequency for the device (e.g.: 433Mhz) and use the TI Control Center to wirelessly update the firmware.
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Monitors the EEG and sleep stage data from the Zeo.
You would have to hack the device with a special version of the firmware from the Zeo Raw Data Library.
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Mattel Mindflex (BETA)
Monitors the EEG data from modded Mattel Mindflex headsets that have been connected via USB.
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InteraXon Muse (BETA)
Monitors the EEG and accelerometer data from InteraXon Muse EEG devices.
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Spins the next audio track in the playlist. Included with Lucid Scribe.
Screen LED
Flashes the screen: opens a full-screen black form after a minute and then flashes the screen once a second when triggered.
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Yocto PowerRelay
Triggers any devices wired into a Yocto PowerRelay.
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Triggers any devices wired into an Arduino.
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